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Our Services

Asbestos & Lead Inspection and Compliance

Heartland will inspect suspect asbestos and/or lead-containing materials. The suspect materials will be sampled, analyzed, and discussed in a summary report composed by Heartland staff.

Brownfields Redevelopment and Sustainability

Heartland assists clients to identify potential environmental liabilities associated with a brownfield site and compose a redevelopment plan. Heartland also assists with soil and groundwater remediation activities associated with brownfields redevelopment.

Due Diligence

Heartland is prepared to assist clients to establish due diligence regarding a property of interest through Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments that comply with state and federal regulations.

Demolition Oversight and Support

Heartland will conduct demolition activities and facilitate environmental remediation associated with the demolition site.

Facility Decommissioning

Heartland will perform the prescribed activities necessary to properly decommission a facility.

LEED Certification Support

Heartland can assist clients in receiving LEED certification.

Risk Assessment and Management

Heartland can assist clients to determine, respond to, and manage environmental risks associated with a site property.

Real Property Redevelopment and Sustainability Consulting

Heartland will assist clients with requested services related to real property development. Heartland can also provide counseling services related to sustainable development.

Underground Storage Tank Management and Decommissioning

Heartland will perform the necessary activities related to the management and decommissioning of underground storage tanks.

Vapor Intrusion

Heartland will evaluate the potential risk of indoor vapor exposure, develop and implement a testing plan, evaluate the testing data, and design an appropriate cost-effective mitigation system.

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